Indoor comfort is our top priority

As the owner of a heating and cooling business, indoor comfort is our top priority. I want our clients to be comfortable, because that is why both of us use the oil furnace and the a/c. We all want to be more comfortable. If I can supply that comfort, then our supplier name will be synonymous with being cozy and glad. That’s a enjoyable way for our clients to remember our name. It’s the reason why I have the word comfort in the name of our business, right now, our top priority is assuring our clients that both of us are open for business and practicing safe social distancing and enjoyable hand washing practices. We also have all of our heating and cooling corporations wear masks, gloves, and shoebooties inside homes. We’re taking the coronavirus seriously. We recommend having HVAC duct cleaned and sanitized and both of us are running a major savings special on all indoor air cleaning services. I have seen a huge spike in the amount of media air cleaner sales. It’s been hard to receive media air cleaners from the manufacturer in less than a afternoon or more than one. Most orders are taking 4 or 5 afternoons. A few of our clients have been unhappy about waiting that long for an indoor media air cleaner, however the reality of the situation is that all the people is sad about their indoor air safety. Air filtration unit sales are up across the country by 55% and that’s clearly due to the current problem. We all need to work together to stay safe and that might mean waiting a afternoon or more than one longer for some things.

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