My brother has radiant floor heating

My brother and I take turns hosting the family for the Christmas holidays, but although my home is quite a bit greater and accommodates more people, his site is genuinely superior in comfort, however my family would rather be at his home than mine, and we’re located along the northern border of the country, and the weather in December is regularly entirely frosty and snowy.

We often experience un-even temperatures below chilly and even well below zero.

My lake house is outfitted with an old gas gas furnace… It has trouble managing the especially cold weather. The heat tends to rise straight up to the ceiling, creating temperature stratification… Plus, the gas furnace is a single-stage model, which means that it either blasts at maximum capacity or is completely shut down. The constant on and off cycling takes the room from overheated to cold over and over again. My home also lacks sufficient insulation and has old windows, so there’s unpleasant drafts. It doesn’t matter that I’m a much better cook than my brother. I regularly prepare a large menu and bake everything from scratch. I take the time to thoroughly decorate the home for the holidays, putting up a large tree, stringing lights and even filling individual stockings for each member of the family. While everyone appreciates my efforts, I can’t compete with radiant floors. My brother’s gas furnace is concealed beneath the floors, operates silently and spreads the heat evenly from corner to corner. It’s a more gentle and consistent form of heating! He even has zone control so that he can customize the temperature in each room. It doesn’t matter how frosty it is outside, my brother’s home is regularly perfectly hot and cozy.


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