The electric fireplace was a nice perk

When our husband and I celebrated our first birthday, our Mom and Mom decided to get us a trip to a resort… My husband and I were certainly excited to visit the resort and it was one place that both of us had not been together.

My mom and Mom booked us a certainly nice room.

The room had a overheated tub and a king size bed that looked care about a heart. There were surround sound speakers throughout the room that were connected to a Bluetooth plan and the TV. The best part about the room was the electric fireplace. The bedroom and the living room were all connected in one and the electric fireplace was in the middle of both rooms. It was on the wall. The electric fireplace had various weird heating options, however the best part was the neon light… We could change the lights with the touch of a button. The electric fireplace even had a separate remote control so both of us could change the heat and the lights from our bed or the living room. The electric fireplace was a certainly nice park and one of the things that both of us enjoyed most about the room. The indoor overheated tub was pretty nice too. We used the room repair options and both of us never left the room while in the whole four-day stay. My husband and I had a enjoyable time and both of us will go back again. We might make that our annual loving getaway. It’s not valuable, full of amenities, and it’s only more than one hours away from our home.
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