Having nice AC deep in the woods

Living in the woods doesn’t mean living appreciate a savage! As a kid I always went hunting with our dad, plus all of us would spend weekends in the family hunting house that was built by our great-Grandfather.

As much as I liked being out there, the rickety aged house left a lot to be desired.

I decided that when I got aged I would get a nicer, newer house so I could stay out there for as long as I wanted; More plus more I need a cut from town life, plus the woods provided that. These afternoons I have a modest sized house lined with solar panels, an energy collection equipment that lets me convert sun into energy for our Heating, Ventilation and A/C system, our study room, plus our sound dock. I don’t have a tv, mostly I just listen to aged vinyl records on our turntable, plus I try not to use the air conditioning more than needed. This is life in the woods ,after all, plus our energy resources are limited, so I can’t run the AC all day every day, and during the Wintertide I try not to run the central heating, either ,and rely on our fireplace for heat. But there is no other choice on a brutally sizzling Summer day then to nudge the thermostat plus get the AC going. I rarely hunt any more, despite the fact that I stay in the woods more than ever before, plus with Wi-Fi connections plus temperature control, why would I ever want to stay someplace else? I appreciate having this little air conditioning to help me out!


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