Getting clean, good smelling air with HVAC addition

There aren’t too many things that really, really get to me. I don’t like mean people. That just doesn’t make any sense to me at all. I mean, we’re all in this together so why not be kind. I also can’t stand being uncomfortable in my house during the summer. We live in an area where the HVAC cooling is simply essential to our lives. The summer heat means that the HVAC is going to run a good bit. To help mitigate costs, we make sure the house is super tight. This way, the HVAC treated air will stay inside and the hot air outside. Doing this is extremely helpful when it comes to keeping the utility bill in check. However, the problem is that with the house sealed up tight, the air gets recycled a lot. This is a problem for me because one other thing that really gets to me is the bad smell of our home. I hate this. It makes me crazy because I know how hard we work to keep it really, super clean. But, the smell inside our house was nasty. It had the combination of dogs, cats, athletic gear and cooking odors. Not a pretty set of smells. After years of trying to cover up the smell, my husband and I decided to do something far more proactive. We called the professionals at our HVAC place for help. Boy, did they ever have the answer. We had a whole house air purifier installed and it was life changing. It didn’t take a full 24 hours before the house smelled great. Plus, we get great indoor air quality for our health as well.


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