I give up on my heater and A/C

I think I am finally giving up on getting a reliable heating and cooling system.

Seriously, I have the worst luck when it comes to HVAC related stuff.

I don’t know what I did to piss the HVAC gods off, but it seems like I can never get anything good with HVAC technology, even from the HVAC professionals themselves! Where do I even start? My first bad encounter was back when I had just moved out. I was investing in getting a new heater and A/C, so I hired what I thought was a reliable HVAC company to install a brand new heating and cooling unit for me. Turns out it was a scam, and I was scammed out of my hard earned money. I figured that was bad luck, so then I moved on to a cheaper window A/C option. It lasted maybe 3 months before failing and the HVAC tech claimed it was a dud. I was able to get another, but it failed 2 months later. So for awhile I went without A/C and heating, and I complained to my friend about my bad luck. He managed to find me a cheap HVAC device for sale, and with all of my bad luck, naturally I was suspicious. My friend assured me it would work fine, and he had the exact same model that was incredibly reliable. As we transported the new HVAC home, I felt a tad bit of hope growing. The hope bloomed once we got it in my home and working. Unfortunately that blossomed withered and died as the HVAC machine exploded 6 months later. Yes, it literally exploded and I have no idea why. My HVAC luck sucks.


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