Keep HVAC repairs with certified service providers

I have done some dumb stuff in my life.

It’s not like I haven’t done some smart things as well.

It just seems as though the dumb stuff is somehow more memorable in some respect. The latest and greatest stupid move involved the HVAC. If there is one thing that I can attribute to many of my stupid moves, it’s never knowing when to quit. My dad always told me that a real man knows his limitations and accepts them. Obviously, that made some sort of impression on me considering I still remember that quote from him all these decades later. It’s just that I don’t really notice my limitations until it’s too late. The HVAC is a perfect example. One evening as we were cleaning up from dinner, we noticed the HVAC wasn’t running. I went down to the basement to have a look. The HVAC had electricity but the furnace wouldn’t fire back up. Since it was after business hours, I thought maybe I’d have a look instead of spending on an emergency HVAC service call. That’s where I should have noticed my limitations. But, I pressed on and replaced a part that looked damaged with one I got at the local hardware store before they closed. Of course, it was not a factory part but, the furnace came back on and I thought I had triumphed. The fact is, the inferior part allowed the HVAC furnace to overheat and crack the core. Now, I am paying for a new furnace. That’s because I voided the warranty by not calling the pros and using a non factory issued part.

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