Living next to factory is really loud

When I was looking for a place to live I didn’t have too many options.

I am a single woman with limited savings to my name.

This means I was at the mercy of the housing market in my area. I wound up having to take a piece of property that is less than ideal for anybody. Don’t get me wrong, the house and the yard are quite lovely. However, the location of my new home has a lot to improve upon. Namely, it is located directly across the street from a massive factory. I don’t have a big problem with all of the factory workers coming and going each day. I’m not bothered by the constant activity across the street. However, this massive industrial facility is so loud. I can’t ever be at home with my windows open if I want to hear my own thoughts. This means, I essentially have to live with my house fully sealed from the old from the outdoor air at all times. My indoor air temperature control system is entirely responsible for my ventilation. I can’t let a fresh breeze roll through without being deafened by the machinery across the street, so I rely on my thermostat for everything. I am continually using my central air conditioning and heating systems to try to manage my indoor air quality. My energy bills are always extremely high because of the excessive HVAC demands. I’m also concerned that my central heating and cooling system is going to break down one day. It’ll be really difficult to call a heating and cooling technician when I can’t even hear myself in this house.


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