No longer worried about HVAC and indoor air quality

It seems like this year has come complete with far too much to worry about.

Most of the things I have to deal with this year are in some related to dealing with this virus. Just being home in the HVAC this much has been a complete adjustment. Being a fairly social person, I have always enjoyed getting out and having fun with family and friends. Not this year, unlike many of my friends, I am strictly following the guidelines regarding the pandemic and reducing the spread. Hopefully, I would do this anyway because it’s the right thing to do. However, I have a compromised immune system and I could be in real trouble with Covid. So, it’s inside the HVAC security of my home for nearly all the time. I work from home as well. Being in IT, I don’t have to have an office as most of my work is done remotely anyway. But, after reading how important good indoor air quality is for immune health, I got to thinking. The vast majority of my time is spent inside with the HVAC on. I do get out at least once a day for some light jogging but the rest of the time, it’s inside the HVAC treated air. It dawned on me that perhaps I should spend some money to guarantee that I get the best indoor air quality available. So, I had the HVAC folks install a whole house air purifier. This thing sits inside the HVAC and actively works to destroy hazardous airborne contaminants. While not total protection from this virus, it goes a long way toward helping my body be it’s best. Not only that but I can tell just how much it has already helped with my breathing.

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