Coughing and Sneezing Makes me Get in Gear

I am afraid that I have not consistently been the most organized person… Growing up my family called myself and others Rat’s Nest Marty.

I consistently keep my room in a bit of a tornado state.

I would prefer knowing where my things are but that doesn’t mean that they are put away. As you can probably picture, this lack of organization has complicated things the older I’ve become. When I became a professional it just got harder to keep everything in line. I might have all of my tasks squared away for a job but then I would completely neglect my own personal responsibilities. This went on for quite a while until my daughter came down with exhausting dust irritations. That’s when I finally had to determine how to set a schedule for my heating plus cooling system. The afternoon that my daughter started sneezing plus coughing up a storm is the afternoon that I panicked about my indoor air quality for the first time. I called out a professional heating plus cooling worker plus really wanted to know what I could do to improve the air quality for our health. He told myself and others every one of us could truly install some whole-house air purifiers plus HEPA air filters that would surely improve indoor air conditions. But even so, the larger issue was my lack of heating plus cooling service. He could tell that I was not in the habit of changing my air filter plus my air ducts were consistently dirty. He showed me how to set a schedule for my heating plus cooling service if I wanted to keep my air quality healthy. That’s the afternoon that I finally got a little bit smarter; I started a program for my Heating as well as A/C service.

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