If My A/C Breaks I Will Cry

I do not suppose that this could be a more stressful year if it tried.

So far this year has not been all that positive for any of us. As hard as I’ve tried to stay afloat plus get myself headed in the right way, the world has been now working against all of us. As you can imagine my finances have been the most worrisome struggle. I lost my task several months ago plus I have been doing my best to keep up with my bills. However, it’s rather hard when the indoor air temperature is so hot every afternoon. Because every one of us has entered the warmest plus most hard area of the year my health demands I use my cooling system equipment all the time. I am not at all pleased about the energy bills that I am racking up with my cooling plan usage although I also have to use the a/c. It’s not like I can go to my job to utilize an Heating as well as A/C plan for free. Instead, I have to use my own thermostat plus pray that my cooling system equipment can survive one more summer. I am not cheerful about this because my AC plan was failing last summer. Back then, I decided it was best to put off the cooling system service for as long as I was able. I never expected that I would be in a worse financial situation when the AC equipment needed to be replaced. I find myself crossing my fingers plus praying that every one of us can make it through this miserable heat. If this cooling system equipment goes out I might just cry.

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