Middle of Summer Means I Need A/C

You know, most people drive myself and others completely absurd sometimes.

I’m not sure if I am just a misfit because I can’t sit with everyone who shares 99% of the same DNA with me.

I’m truly so opposed to having to talk to people from the general public after now working in retail for a number of years. I began to despise humanity after now working with idiots plus catering to entitled rotten people that I suppose I started to despise my own species here on earth. That being said, it seems I do still have some expectations for my fellow man – at least, when I’ve hired them to work for me. Recently even the professionals that I hired managed to let myself and others down plus irritate me when they didn’t finish my Heating as well as A/C installation. After 10 years of saving up to be able to pay for a new heating plus cooling system, I was beside myself with joy to have the cash for my a/c plus gas furnace upgrades. I called my local air quality control service shop plus asked to set up a consultation for central Heating as well as A/C solutions for my home. When they promised to send out a team of highly smart heating plus cooling workers, I thought they would do so. Instead, I got the Heating as well as A/C lazy bunch. These guys took over 10 hours of banging around plus disrupting my afternoon before they finally said the Heating as well as A/C installation was up and running like a dream. And, like an idiot, I believed them. It was only after I tried to use my new thermostat that I was provided with the truth; they had set up the gas furnace, but not the AC unit! Did they suppose I wouldn’t notice that the AC wouldn’t turn on? Did they suppose I wouldn’t call the Heating as well as A/C shop to set it right? Most baffling, did they suppose it was more important to have a heating system over the AC? It’s the middle of July!

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