My First Apartment Presented Challenges

When I was growing up I consistently thought that my life was so hard.

I truly grew up in an unhappy home where every one of us did not exactly get along with each other.

My parents had their own demons plus they passed them right along to their adolescents. I understand why life happened this way but I also kind of think like I got jipped out of a good family experience. I also felt deprived because I couldn’t use the heating plus cooling system department. Both of us weren’t allowed to adjust the thermostat in our house because dad was too stingy. If every one of us turned on any of the indoor air handling devices my dad would get truly annoyed with us. Although our house was equipped with a cooling system equipment plus forced air gas furnace, we couldn’t use them. I thought it couldn’t get any worse than the warm indoor air that I had to live with as a kid. I was mistaken, for sure. Soon after moving out I wound up in a small loft where I had a couple of roommates. There were 4study rooms in the loft but only a single cooling system unit. And it wasn’t a large, powerful cooling system by any means. Both of us had a single AC window equipment in the bedroom with nothing else. Both of us couldn’t have cooling system units in our study rooms because the windows were jalousie windows. Unfortunately, this became the most warm plus hard locale I’ve ever been in. I’ve never had such brutal humidity plus boiling days as I experienced in my first apartment. Suddenly, my childhood home did not seem nearly as terrible – actually, it seemed pretty cool.

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