My wife is convinced we need an air filtration system

Last month I made the last payment on my car.

I have been making payments on that car for 6 years and I was so happy to make the last payment and receive the title in the mail.

I was looking forward to having the extra money in my bank account every month. Unfortunately, my wife is convinced that we need to buy an air filtration system for our home. She has been worried about covid-19 for the past six months and it doesn’t look like things are going to change anytime soon. We have two dogs in our home and we also have two children. The indoor air is already problematic due to pet hair and dander. I tried to convince my wife that a small air purifier would work just as well, but she insisted that we spend money on a full house air filtration system. I called several contractors in the area to get a few different estimates. It’s going to cost a lot of money to make all of the necessary HVAC upgrades. I was looking forward to the extra money in my account, but we will need a loan to pay for all of the air filtration components. When you are an adult with a mortgage and a car, there will always be something that will require expensive repairs. My wife and I have an appointment next week to meet with the HVAC contractor we chose to complete all of that work. I hope we can come up with an affordable price to complete all of the work.

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