Sometimes I Miss my Old Boyfriend

I’ve been deep in thought about a single of my exes recently, and both of us would have had our 4year anniversary this month, had every one of us stayed together.

Unfortunately, with all of this rattling around in my thought synapses I have had a pretty hard time, then i am not saying that I miss him or the relationship but there are some things about it that I am mourning, for instance, the fact that he took good care of myself and others when every one of us were together.

I fondly recall a single particular instance of exhausting indoor air conditions when he went so far out of his way to make myself and others happy in the heat. I was staying at his loft where it was brutally warm plus humid in his room, there was an AC window equipment located on the other side of the loft but it did not deliver any fresh indoor air to his sleeping space! As such, I was feeling purely horrible from numerous days of insomnia plus exhausting dreams. I was moaning and groaning about the cooling system equipment but there was no point in fixing the heating plus cooling setup when he was about to relocate to a new place; Still, in the middle of the night as I tossed and turned in misery, he decided that enough was enough with the warm indoor air, my ex got up in the middle of the night, drove to the only open store, plus bought a high-quality AC window unit. The next day, he installed the cooling plan above the bed. Finally, I was able to catch my z’s plus every one of us had a cooling system for the rest of our relationship, so when I think about that AC adventure, I miss him.


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