The hurricane has caused extensive damage

My wife and I were lucky to be spared during the recent hurricane.

We were forecast for a direct hit, but the hurricane veered to the west at the last moment.

We received a great deal of rain, but the winds were mild compared to the area where the center of the storm was located. All of the rain came down quickly and flooded much of the area. My wife and I have a home in a low-lying area. Until this hurricane, we have never had problems with flooding. We have seen storm surges from previous rain, but nothing in 25 years has ever caused such crazy destruction. The heavy rain caused major flooding in our backyard. Just last month, my wife and I paid for a brand new HVAC unit. The heat pump and air conditioner were installed about a month before the hurricane. During the heavy rains, all of the outdoor components were completely covered in water. The brand new air compressor was completely submerged under the water. Some of the indoor HVAC components were wet as well, but our home was spared any major flooding. The insurance covered all the HVAC components that were outside the home and flooded by water. We also lost most of our fence during the rain and winds. There are still many people in the outlying areas that don’t have running water or power. Our neighborhood was spared, while others were hit much harder. The hurricane season isn’t over yet and we will be completely devastated if another storm tracks in our direction.


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