We are lucky to have gotten through the hurricane mostly unscathed

My family and I were extremely lucky to be spared while in the recent hurricane.

All of us were in for a direct hit, however the hurricane swerved to the west at the last moment.

All of us acquired a good amount of rain, however the winds were mild compared to the area where the center of the storm was. All of the rain came down in a rush and flooded a good amount of the area. My family and I have a residence in a low-lying area. Until this hurricane hit us, the people I was with and I have never had any troubles in the least with flooding. All of us have seen storm surges from rain in the past, however nothing in 25 years has ever caused such overwhelming destruction. The heavy rain caused some serious flooding in our backyard. Just last week, my wifey and I paid for a modern Heating & Air Conditioning machine. The heat pump and air conditioning machine were installed roughly a month before the hurricane. During the heavy rains, all of the outdoor components were easily covered in water. The modern air compressor was fully submerged under the water. Some of the indoor Heating & Air Conditioning components were wet also. Our residence was spared any major flooding. The insurance covered all the Heating & Air Conditioning components that were outside the residence and flooded by water. All of us also lost most of our fence while in the rain and winds. There are still a bunch of people in the outlying areas that do not have running water or power. Our neighborhood was spared, while others were hit pretty bad. The hurricane season is not over just yet and the people I was with and I will be completely devastated if another storm actually comes through.

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