Air quality at gym causes health concerns

I recently had some issues with my health.

Last summer, I was constantly suffering from headaches, congestion, sore throat and itchy eyes.

Since I’ve never had problems with allergies, I wasn’t sure what was causing my symptoms. I noticed that I always felt the worst in the mornings, on my way to work. This is usually when I have the most energy and am most productive. I then realized that my workouts were also being negatively affected. I was finding it difficult to complete the aerobic portion of the exercises. Whenever I’d get my heart pumping, it became hard to breathe. I was getting dizzy and feeling a bit nauseous. I went online and researched potential causes for my symptoms and came up with contaminated air quality. When I paid closer attention, I noticed that there was an excessive amount of dust floating around at the gym. There was a faint musty scent. My health problems had shown up right when the outside temperature and humidity climbed and forced the start up of air conditioning. I approached the management of the gym and expressed my concerns. I later found out that they’d ended up having the central cooling system professionally serviced. I’m assuming there was a buildup of mold, mildew, dust and maybe bacteria within the inner workings. Every time the air conditioner started up, it was most likely polluting the indoor environment. Working out leads to breathing more heavily and put me at greater risk of respiratory infection. Fortunately, one the cooling system was cleaned and operating properly, my health complaints went away.