Couples fitness doesn’t work out

When my boyfriend Mark and I planned a trip to a tropical island, we agreed that we needed to get in better shape.

We wanted to feel confident in our swimsuits and look good in the photographs.

Mark and I also signed up for a bunch of strenuous excursions. We spent a small fortune to hike a volcano, zip line through the rain forest, kayak, hike, bike and snorkel. All of these excursions were lengthy and physically demanding. We were unwilling to waste our time and money by not being in good enough condition to complete the activities. We didn’t want to be so sore after the first outing that we couldn’t handle the rest of them. Mark and I tried working out on our own, but it didn’t go very well. I finally signed us up for a couples fitness program. Mark was a bit reluctant, but I was convinced this was the right course of action. Determined to get the most out of it, I made sure to exercise in preparation. I went for three-mile runs in the mornings and rode my bicycle in the evenings. I gave up beer, coffee and fast food. Despite all my efforts, the first couples training session was brutal. The instructor was really supportive and motivational, but he pushed us to extreme lengths. The following morning, my legs were so sore, I had trouble getting out of bed. Mark didn’t even make it to the end of the session. He ended up sitting down and waiting for me to finish. For the second session, Mark refused to accompany me. I participated in the couples fitness program by myself. It was a bit awkward and I had to partner with the instructor for most things.

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