Getting used to these new really cold winters

The thing about our job that is so difficult is the fact that I have to move so often.

I rarely get to stay somewhere for more than a few years before I am assigned to a new area.

This is normal for the job I do and I recognize I sort of signed up for this lifestyle. Each transfer has come with a promotion or additional responsibilities. This last transfer has come with a huge pay raise. But, I am struggling with the HVAC situation. The thing I’m dealing with is the fact that I have to have so much heating and A/C heating in my life now. It’s the worst winter season weather that I have ever had to deal with thus far. Most of my job locations have been in areas where the winter season is mild. I grew up in a region where winter season meant having to put on a jacket and long pants every now and again. Now, I am in a location where I don’t even want to leave the HVAC heated protection of our house. The heating and A/C gas furnace seems to run forever and I still haven’t found my new normal when it comes to the winter season. However, I am trying. The snow and ice are new for me. While I have experienced snow, I have never had to entirely live with it as space of my daily life. So, I am trying to get out of the heating and A/C controlled environment of our beach home in order to get a better recognition for the winter season. I have found a new thrill in skiing and am not even hating the snow removal rituals. However, I will not be going far from being able to get inside the heating and A/C whenever I can.