Gymnastic workout keeps me in shape

I started taking gymnastic lessons when I was just three-years old.

I immediately showed a natural aptitude for it and absolutely loved it. As I grew older, my interest only deepened. I spent more and more time at the gym, practicing harder and harder skills. Throughout high school and college, I continued training and competing with a team. Gymnastics is a very strenuous sport. It requires high levels of strength, flexibility and stamina. Although the routines are short, they are extremely demanding. I needed to remain in peak physical condition. I trained for several hours every day and was very conscientious about my diet. After graduating college and entering the workforce, I was no longer able to devote quite so much time to gymnastics. However, I’ve continued to incorporate the same type of training into my daily workouts. I still practice handstands, bridges, walkovers, back tucks, back handsprings and aerial cartwheels. These various maneuvers work all different types of muscles. I get my heart rate elevated and work up a good sweat. At the end of an hour, I’m always exhausted. Although I’m no longer training to compete, I strive to achieve new skills. I enjoy keeping my muscles toned and strong. I certainly don’t want to gain any weight. While I sometimes get some odd looks from people who watch me complete my workout, I’m very proud of the skills I’ve accomplished. Eventually, I will need to adjust. As I get older, I won’t be able to workout at the same level. For as long as possible, I will rely on gymnastics for my main form of exercise.

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