The custom furniture builder came up with good idea for a kitchen table

I am in the process of redoing our living room/kitchen area.

I have ripped out all the ancient carpet and tile.

I have hardwood floors being put down in place! The kitchen area is getting modern cupboards and countertops. I figured it was worth spending more on a modern living room couch too. I splurged to get a custom couch made that easily fits our living room perfectly. It is the right size for my height to sit and relax on it. The couch no longer sticks out and cuts the area either. Even with it fitting the area though, I don’t even have the room for a kitchen table, and my living room and kitchen connect… With all our cabinets and couch in the room, there isn’t a bunch of square footage leftover. I am sick of resting at our counters and eating. I also don’t enjoy it when I have people over and I need to eat outside. I had a great idea the other afternoon though. I called the custom couch guy again and asked if he could help me with our setback. The guy came into our dwelling and took some measurements. He has an idea for a kitchen table that will be able to fold into pieces and be stored against our wall. I can open it up to be a little table for myself, or fold out sections so I can have numerous people over. The kitchen table doesn’t need to stay huge or even open for the rest of the day though. I honestly can’t wait to see what the custom kitchen table looks like when we get it.
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