Weather makes working out outside difficult

I am not happy with the lack of space and fresh air

When I moved south, I needed to make some changes to my workout regiment. I was accustomed to the cooler weather up north. I typically had to wait for the weather to warm up to get outside. The winter cold and snow would frequently force me indoors for months at a time. With temperatures down to negative twenty-five and bitter windchill, I needed to rely on the heating system. Blizzard conditions often made even driving to the gym dangerous. During the spring and fall, the chilly weather often meant waiting for the heat of the day to be able to go for a run. I’d need to bundle up to keep warm and frequently went for my runs in the rain. I invested in some workout clothes that kept me dry and trapped body heat. I was also excited for the rare opportunity to workout outside. In my new location, the heat and humidity are often a problem. I need to get up super early to avoid the heat of the day. I dress in light, loose clothing that wicks away moisture. I make sure to put on plenty of sunscreen. I start to perspire before I’ve even gotten started and keep a towel handy to mop off my face. I’ve realized the importance of drinking lots of water during the workout. The extreme heat and humidity can make it difficult to get a good work out. I feel tired, sluggish and slow. It’s hard to motivate myself to a high intensity. It’s sometimes necessary to workout inside, where there is air conditioning. I am not happy with the lack of space and fresh air. I would prefer to go for a run, ride my bike or even unroll my yoga mat in the grass.

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