When my cooling system goes down, I get a headache

I don’t believe if I’m just getting old or what, however it seems like whenever I don’t have access to central air conditioner of some sort, I end up with a large headache. I’ve just recently noticed this happening, however it’s not something that I want to have continue! I do not care for having headaches, in addition to it seems like once I get one, I have a difficult time getting rid of it, however a couple of weeks ago, the hot in addition to cold temperatures outside around here were still entirely hot. It’s almost the fall, however the weather entirely hasn’t started cooling off yet. I was still running my central air conditioner on a daily basis at that point, in addition to when I got out of toil in addition to made it home, I was in for a terrible surprise. I walked in the door in addition to found that the whole location was tepid in addition to stuffy. I checked the temperature control in addition to the temperature was almost 72 degrees, even though I had the cooling system set at seventy degrees. I messed around with the temperature control for a while, however I couldn’t get anything to happen, then no matter what I did to the temperature control, the cooling system just wouldn’t come on. Within literally minutes, my head started pounding. The same thing happened to myself and others when I was at my guy’s new home in addition to her air conditioner stopped working hastily. I am almost positive that the reason for my headaches is because I’m just getting overly hot. I think this means that I’m going to have to make sure that my central air conditioner is always in fantastic working order.


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