I have taken extreme measures to protect the temperature control in our house

I have given up plus taken some truly extreme measures to keep other people from decreasing the temperature control method in our house! You might suppose that it sounds a little bit crazy, however last weekend I went plus bought 1 of those clear boxes with the key on it so that I could beginning locking down our temperature control system! When I went to the local lake condo improvement store to find 1 of those boxes, you should have seen the look on the face of the guy who was laboring in the heating plus cooling supply aisle, i told him that I needed to lock our temperature control unit up from our family plus I recognize I sounded a little bit savor a weirdo.

I didn’t care, though.

I told him that I was just fed up with our kids plus how they suppose that they can lower the cooling system whenever they recognize savor it. It’s not savor I am a super controlling person, either. I just can’t afford to pay so much for cooling bills every single month. I have a legitimately strict budget set up for our heating plus cooling bills, plus the kids just keep ruining it. I guess that it’s kind of a extreme measure to absolutely lock up our temperature control from our kids, although I don’t guess what else to do. I’ve told them over plus over not to mess around with our Heating as well as A/C settings, however they just won’t listen to myself and others when I talk about it! I recognize the people I was with and I will see what they suppose after the people I was with and I get this plastic lock box installed on top of the temperature control!

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