I had an argument with a property owner over a/c upgrade procedures

I recently argued with a property owner over the lease agreement I signed for our contractor premises.

The lease stated that either the property owner or the building occupier can purchase, install, update, or service faulty or malfunctioning equipment.

However, the occupant can only proceed with the purchase of new Heating plus Air Conditioning, a/c upgrade, updatement, or service of the faulty or malfunctioning cooling system or radiant heating system equipment with the consent or approval of the property owner. This was intended to ensure that all purchases meet the regular seer ratings expected of all Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment. The overall onus of providing quality Heating plus Air Conditioning and Heating plus Air Conditioning service lies with the building manager. Moveable appliances appreciate the portable space heating system are not covered in the clause. The clause also mentions only select Heating plus Air Conditioning corporations where you can buy air quality systems. It also goes on to mention that any Heating plus Air Conditioning contractor hired to inspect, repair, install, or update any air conditioning system equipment must be either vetted by the property manager or be appointed by the management. This was satisfactory because they engaged companies that offer A/C service plans, but so the matter that caused friction between the property owner and I was the fact that an A/C workman was called in to do some service on a floor below me and I happened to bump into him and requested him to step into our office to look at the control component and determine if it needed to be reset. The workman recorded the request as a task and billed for the same and management flagged it as a none reported request! But the people I was with and I found a solution.

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