The Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier who came to my apartment was adorable

I met the most adorable guy Last yearwhen he made a housecall to fix my central air conditioner plan at my home.

  • I wasn’t supposed to be having an air conditioner repair appointment, but of course things go wrong sometimes! That’s what happened to myself and others last week.

I was supposed to be hosting a book club at my house. Then of course, the air conditioner decided to stop working right before I was going to be having people over for the first time since all of the shutdowns started. The weather was still pretty warm outside Last yearand it hasn’t very started cooling down much yet, even though it’s technically fall of the year here. I knew that if I was going to have more than eight other ladies over for a book club meeting, I was going to have to get my central air conditioner plan fixed first. I made the appointment with my local Heating plus Air Conditioning dealer plus early on Monday day, the Heating plus Air Conditioning truck pulled up into my driveway, when the Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier came to the front door, I was shocked at how attractive he was. I don’t usually notice the looks of the workers who show up at my house, but this guy looked love he should have been a model instead of an Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier. I wanted to just spend the day talking to him instead of letting him fix my air conditioner! Unluckyly, I found out that he was already married plus so he was off limits to me. I asked him if he had a sibling, though!

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