Hospital stay included Heating plus Air Conditioning charge

I believe the people I was with and I can all agree that this week’s new healthcare system in America is not working out, however most people cannot receive the medical attention that they need as well as several of us are at risk of losing the minimal Healthcare insurance that the people I was with and I have at this point! It’s no surprise that a lot of us think incredibly worried at the first sign of a sniffle or a body ache.

I know that I could not afford any kind of major surgery or emergency room visit with our new situation.

It does not help that our cousin recently went through a horrible emergency situation which racked up all sorts of unexpected medical costs for the family… Not only did they have to pay for all of the supplies, surgeries, medications… But when he left the hospital they even were charged for the heating, cooling, as well as air quality control system, but apparently, because the hospital has to use high quality indoor air handling devices along with HEPA filters to purify as well as decontaminate the air, they have started charging their patients for all of these routine heating, cooling, as well as air quality control charges, they have to pay for the heating as well as cooling device along with the whole-house air purifiers. They also have to maintain the Heating plus Air Conditioning system with a specialized team of heating as well as cooling professionals. Besides that, the hospital cites extremely high energy bills thanks to the necessity for running these Heating plus Air Conditioning devices 24/7. As if the hospital wasn’t making enough cash for all of their other services, now you can expect a heating as well as cooling charge if you ever are unfortunate enough to land in the emergency room.

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