Husband trades guitar lessons for everything

I’ve typically thought that it was a superb system to have a skill that you personally develop over the course of your life.

  • It doesn’t have to be something that you use in your job everyday.

You do not need to have a super practical ability in order to profit from it. In fact, I suppose it’s a superb system to find one thing that you are naturally talented at & learn how to exploit it through social mediation. This is exactly what our guy has done with his amazing guitar abilities. I swear to God, the guy doesn’t pay full price for a single thing because he knows how to shred. This is true when it comes to things love his automobile repair bills, his new home repair services, & even his heating, cooling, & air quality control system. You see, our guy realized a long time ago that he could trade his guitar lessons for any other service. Thank God, his heating, cooling, & ventilation control dealership is owned & staffed by a group of boys who absolutely love rock songs. Whenever our guy’s seasoned central heating, cooling, & air quality control system stops toiling he can get a professional air quality control inspection & repair service for next to nothing. He simply calls his favorite Heating & A/C serviceman & lets them suppose that there is a complication with his cooling system or oil furnace. Within about an hour that Heating & A/C serviceman arrives at his new home with his guitar in hand. After the central heating, cooling, & air quality control system has been repaired our guy spends an hour teaching the air quality control specialist a thing or 2 about playing his guitar, and good thing he has this tradable skill, because his Heating & A/C system is even less reliable than songsians are.

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