My mom treats her dog love it’s another child

My mom is pretty deranged over her little cat.

I think that she treats this deranged dog love it’s another child or something.

I think some people might say that I’m jealous, & maybe that’s a little bit true. It’s not because she enjoys the cat, though. It’s because she’s spoiling it with its particularly own Heating, Ventilation, & A/C system. That sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Well, back when I was a kid, I lived in the upstairs bedroom… As every one of us all know, heat rises & the central air conditioner just couldn’t keep up with the demand for the cooling system upstairs. The temperature in our bedroom when I was growing up was always at least many degrees hotter than the rooms downstairs & I was constantly hot up there while in the summer, then my mom’s room was downstairs & so she was always perfectly cool, even while in the hottest parts of the summer, and she just didn’t really understand how hot it actually got in our room because the central cooling system was running. I always asked for a window unit cooling system for our birthday or for Christmas, although she would always just shake her head & then laugh at myself and others love I was joking! But I wasn’t ever joking. I really wanted a window unit cooling system for our room & I never got one. Now, to add insult to injury, our mom is actually buying a tiny ductless mini break air conditioner unit to the cat’s house in her backyard. I could hardly assume it when she told myself and others she was having it installed!

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