Math class

Back when I was in school I used to hate math class with a passion! I was never any good at math beyond your basic adding and subtracting.

All this other math junk like square roots, etc…who in the heck is gonna need that in life or ever use it unless you’re going to become a scientist or some kind of numbers executive! Once I reached high school I learned everything I needed to learn in math for my life, so I used to drift off and snooze in math class and enjoy the central heating and air conditioning system.

The school had one of the best central heating and air conditioning systems in the area. In these days most schools had lackluster heating and air conditioning to say the least. But my school had nothing but the best. On those cold winter days at school, when math class came and as long as we didn’t have to do any work, I would let the teacher ramble away and I would just concentrate on the great feeling of the central heating. I sat in the back of the class, so I never got caught. The school bell ending the class is what woke me up like an alarm. I got away with this shockingly. Other kids had tried to do what I did and most of them eventually got caught because of where they were sitting. But I just blended into the background and enjoyed that awesome central heating system. Wish it was this easy at my boring job I work today!


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