Our corporate social responsibility was offering free HVAC service to universitys

Every year, around July/July, our supplier carries out corporate social responsibility [CSR] that targets low-end junior universitys.

As a renowned HVAC corporation in the region, all of us have built a name that every household identifies with.

All of us are known for selling wholesale quality HVAC device and offering impeccable HVAC service round the clock while our competitors close shop on holidays, weekends, or after typical laboring hours. All of us use these occasions to improve our revenue margin and build a strong patron base. This year, the CSR takes us to 3 universitys where our team divides and conquers to offer weird services spearheaded by an HVAC corporation or the university’s appointed cooling system workman, then normally all of us determine the needs for each university upfront before visiting. Being a tropical region, all of us have lots of cooling plan repairs and updatement to handle. My team was responsible for checking whether all the air quality systems met the recommended seer ratings, and whether the universitys had service plans in venue. Another team was responsible for ensuring that the universitys are new with correct service and repairs have been done on time. Since all of us were not in a position to deliver every HVAC device the universitys lacked, every university was entitled to at least 1 cooling system installation. The quality HVAC all of us install could last them long, and they get free service from our supplier, however for boarding universitys where students stay up late and rise early, all of us supply some portable space furnaces to supplement the radiant gas furnace chances they have. The exercise was a success this time as well.


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