Something smells fishy in the air

I can always tell when it is time to change the air filter in the cooling system, because I start to smell fish in the air.

  • I live by the docks and the smell of fish is always in the air and everywhere around us.

The fishing boats are stacked by the water with pretty names and giants masts. They leave every day and return every evening. The crew’s fish for lobster, shrimp, cod, and haddock. They use the stinkiest bait made of entrails from cod, squid, and chickens, and fishing is a single of the main industries in the area and a lot of community residents rely on fishing for their livelihood. Both of my siblings are emschemed by the fishing industry and my Dad is a boat captain for a tour agency that specializes in scalloping trips. I personally cannot sit the smell of fish, so I got an whole-house air purifier to keep in my apartment. I love residing by the beach and close to the shore, although I do not care for the smell of fish or seafood. When I start to smell the odor in the air, I know it’s time to change the air filter. I keep more than two or four on hand at all times. I buy air filters that are made for indoor odors from pets. They are made with charcoal fibers and odor bursting materials. They work especially well for removing fishy odors. As long as I keep them changed frequently, they absolutely cut down on nasty odors and other indoor pollutants that may be inside my home.

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