The whole-house air purifier won't work with the door hanging open

I bought an whole-house air purifier for the lake house last month, when a single of our neighbors caught Covid.

I wasn’t undoubtedly upset until someone I knew came down with the illness. Until then, it was just news on the tv. I know the virus was real, however it doesn’t absolutely hit you until someone you know is affected. When I heard the bad news, I thought about ways that I could keep my family healthy. One research read advised that whole-house air purifiers cut down on 45% of indoor pollutants including bacteria, viruses, and germs! Another research read advised the number may be even higher. I knew that an whole-house air purifier could help if both of us kept it close to the front door. I had the equipment set up for 5 days before a single of the kids knocked it over with the skateboard. It fell to the ground and hit the floor with a loud thud. One of the air vent blades broke and the wheel is now bent. The next day, the kids had the front door hanging wide open. The whole-house air purifier won’t work under these conditions, so I had to talk with the kids. They have been cooped up in the lake house for the last more than two months and they are ready to go to the playground or the park. They are young and they don’t fully understand what’s going on. Hopefully they will try harder to keep the front door closed and hopefully they will stop skateboarding in the residing room. That’s something I’ve warned them about lots of times.

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