Wanted to cook nice meal, filled house with smoke

I’m the sort of person who always has good intentions but doesn’t necessarily do the best job bringing them to fruition.

I get really great ideas in my head but I tend to botch the entire plan when I actually get started. You might say that I am too careless and easily overwhelmed to effectively pull off anything major. Sometimes I just get lost in my own head and overlook the important details that are critical to successfully bringing my idea into reality. This is exactly what happened last week when I attempted to cook a surprise dinner for my husband… And instead I brought the entire fire department to our house. I was doing my best to keep a million hot pans sizzling on the stove when I completely forgot an important step in the cooking process… Turning on the ventilation fan. Before I knew it, there was smoke billowing out of several pans and the indoor air was completely contaminated with thick, black toxins. I couldn’t even see, let alone breathe, through the horrific indoor air quality that I had just created. I did my best to ventilate to the nasty indoor air by turning on in the thermostat to full blast, engaging the central HVAC system, and opening every window I could for natural circulation. However, I couldn’t clear the hot and spicy smoke out of the house. I was in such respiratory distress from the low quality indoor air and contaminants I was breathing that I eventually had to flee the house. I called the fire department for help at that point and waited for someone to save my cooking disaster. My husband was surprised when he got home…


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