Wasn’t impressed by his bathroom of mold

I don’t think I’m the kind of person who is very difficult to please.

When I’m starting to date somebody new I’m not looking for them to have a fancy car or a luxury apartment. I’m not expecting to be showered in roses or other tokens of affection. I am expecting someone to treat me respectfully and to worship me to some degree. However, besides the personal attention that I seek I have relatively low standards. That being said, I do think that someone should take care of their apartment and maybe clean up before I come to stay with them. This is why I was particularly let down when my new boyfriend showed me his bathroom full of mold last week. When I walked into the little room I noticed that it was rather humid and warm compared to the rest of the air conditioned apartment. At first, I thought that maybe he had just finished taking a shower and the steam hadn’t been released from the indoor air yet. However, the more I looked around , the more I realized that this was an ongoing air quality problem. It seemed like the air in the space was probably never free of excessive moisture and heat, based on the fact that there was mold and mildew growing in every corner of the room. The more I looked around, the more I noticed black patches caused by the heat and humidity that tended to linger in the air. It was as though air conditioning didn’t even reach the bathroom to humidify the space. It was easy to trace the mold and mildew back to the source of the problem when I pulled back the shower curtain and found a black field coating the tile.

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