An expensive fireplace

I have an older type of home that lacks a duct plan or any style of centralized heating or cooling! Due to the dire Wintertime weather in our local area, heating is the priority, and the two of us can get by without a whole-house air conditioner.

The two of us can’t manage hot & cold temperatures down to twenty below zero without heating! We’ve combined various weird types of furnaces to handle all of the demand. A natural gas fireplace keeps the living & family room comfortable. The two of us really enjoy the look of a wood burning fire with none of the pitfalls. The plan operates from a cordless remote & allows us to adjust temperature & fan speed. With a tap of a button, the fireplace insert starts up & the fan spreads the heat quite evenly throughout the room. We’ve now had this gas fireplace for over more than nine years. The company that gave the replacement is no longer in business; I’ve searched for another company in our area that offers service for natural gas fireplaces with not much luck. I’ve called various local companies & inquired about maintenance. They usually tell me that they don’t service gas fireplaces; Some of them have agreed to take a look at the fireplace. I’ve been busy with an appointment, waited around & not a single person actually showed up. I’ve studied through the owner’s manual of the fireplace really carefully. The only instructions for official maintenance are really basic. I remove the glass panel & vacuum out the area around the faux logs. I can also remove the cover from the control panel & vacuum that area. This doesn’t seem like enough to keep the heating system running at peak efficiency and full level. I’m sure that a fantastic deal of dust has worked its way into the inner entirely workings over the years. I’m sad that the heating system will fail in the middle of Wintertime & I’ll have no way to get it fixed.


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