Buying a new home can be a serious headache

Finding and buying a new loft can be a pretty overwhelming experience.

That is a single reason why a realtor can be super helpful… Realtors have a wealth of expertise in every aspect of the home-buying experience and they can offer this wonderful expertise! I decided not to use a realtor when I bought our first property and that was a large mistake.

I wanted to save the fees and the owner of the property wanted to close the sale on his own. I hired an inspector to help with the process and I made the decision to use a cheap business, however they didn’t check any of the Heating and A/C equipment and I never thought about the HVAC equipment during the sale. It was the middle of the Springtime season and the weather was cool and crisp. The windows were open and the breeze felt great. A week after I moved into the property, I had to call a Heating and A/C equipment repair supplier because the a/c equipment would not work. I was fortunate that all of the HVAC equipment didn’t need to be upgraded, but the Heating and A/C business told myself and others that the system will only last another year or two. I have already run into a significant amount of problems and the Heating and A/C issue was just the start. I have upgraded some of the plumbing in the master powder room and the kitchen, and the floors are actually warped from the leaks. The whole experience has been overwhelming and I wish I would have waited another year or two before I decided to purchase a piece of property. I have no time to dedicate to the amount of work this property needs.