Roommate claims to care about the environment

Sporadically, I become irrationally frustrated by other people around me.

If they are not directly affecting my life, then I don’t know why I become so bothered by their activities plus opinions.

I know I get this from my mother, because she’s always frustrated with someone. However, I’m doing my best to remain calm plus stop worrying so much about the discrepancies between the words people say and how they actually act. I find that hypocrisy is one of my largest triggers for agitation plus human hatred. Recently though, this has been impacting my life in a negative way. When I moved into a condo with a roommate, I thought we were on similar pages when it came to taking care of the environment, energy efficiency, plus reducing our carbon footprints. We even work for a non-profit environmental agency aimed at protecting our global temperature plus improving our public air pollution together. However, in practice my roommate doesn’t care about air quality in the slightest. In fact, she’s rather flippant when ruining our indoor air quality in the condo we share. She relies on the central HVAC plan to fix her mistakes. She’s constantly changing the control component one way or another because she’s carelessly opened some windows or left our oven on for too long. She requires the A/C plan plus a forced air heating system to fix her thoughtlessness. In effect, this raises our energy expenses plus contributes to an unwelcome temperature change. I thought the two of us cared about protecting the environment, but apparently she’s more concerned about her indoor temperature control.

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