Roommate claims to love the environment

Sporadically, I feel like I’m irrationally angry with other people.

  • If they are not directly affecting my life, I do not understand why I let them bother me.

I must get this from my mother, because she’s consistently angry with someone. However, I’m doing my best to calm down and stop thinking so much about the discrepancies between the words that come out of their mouths and how people act. I find that hypocrisy is one of the biggest triggers that irritate me, and recently, this has been testing me. When I first moved in with my roommate, I thought both of us were on the same page when it came to taking care of the environment, energy efficiency, and reducing carbon footprints! We both labor for non-profit environmental agencies aimed at guarding our global climate and improving our public air pollution levels. However, in practice she does not actually care about air quality. In fact, she’s rather flippant in regards to ruining our indoor air conditions in our condo and relying on the central HVAC plan to repair her mistakes. Every afternoon, she increases the control device one way or another because she’s thoughtlessly opened her window or left the oven on for too long. She requires the AC system and furnace to make up for her thoughtlessness. Because of this, it raises our energy expenditure and contributes to horrible climate change. I thought both of us cared about protecting our environment, but evidently she’s more anxious about her indoor temperature control.


Air conditioning expert