The neighbor is having heating problems

My neighbor must be having heating problems, because I have watched the guy walk in and out of the house multiple times.

Every time he comes outside, the look on his face is angrier and angrier. He comes outside and heads right to the side of the yard where the wood furnace is located. Once I saw him kick the wood furnace and then I heard him yell. He was probably swearing and screaming, but I was not close enough to tell. Now is the time of the year when a lot of people have trouble with the heating system. That outdoor temperatures are close to freezing every single night and that means the heater is working overtime. If you don’t have a tune-up performed on the heating equipment, then you run the risk of problems during the cold season. I have never seen my neighbor call the heater repair service or have an HVAC tune-up, so it’s no wonder that he is having problems. My husband and I have a tune-up performed on the furnace in the middle of September even though it doesn’t get cold until the middle of October. The worst problem is spending a single night without any heat. I’ve had lots of nights without heat and they were never much fun. I’m sorry to see the neighbor having trouble and I wish I could lend a helping hand. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about the furnace or the air conditioner. I hope the guy figures out the problem or calls someone who can help.


Heating technician