They added a new fee to the HVAC free estimate

When you wake up in the day plus the a/c equipment isn’t working, the rest of the day is going to be super busy.

  • I had some drawbacks with the AC plus I made the choice to call a repairman.

I made sure the batteries in the thermostat were working plus I also checked the coils to be sure they were not frozen. I checked a couple of things on the troubleshooting list plus I could not locate the reason why the AC equipment was not working! That’s when I thought it would be best to call the repair service. I live in a small town where there are only a few sites to call, however I have a common AC repairman. I called the service to schedule a free quote plus the repairman told me there is now a service fee. I didn’t want to pay a service fee, especially since this was a new fee plus I was a customer for a long time. The guy didn’t want to budge, so I scheduled the appointment… When the AC repair person arrived, I tried to argue about the ridiculous fee with him. I was required to pay the service fee before the man performed the evaluation on my a/c equipment. A free quote should be free plus a service fee means that the quote is no longer free. I spent roughly 10 minutes trying to get the job done for no charge. I could tell that the repair person was becoming annoyed, so I paid the service fee plus he investigated the issue. I needed someone to find the root of the issue, however I called the owner of the supplier later that day to complain about the fees.

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