At a loss for ideas

I have been having a major issue keeping our electric bills down! It seems that no matter what I do or learn up on, I just can not get the bills down low enough! I have tried going for energy savings help from odd websites across the internet as well as I even clicked various dangerous clickable live affixs bouncing from website to website to try to find the answer to our energy savings help problems.

  • No energy savings tips were helping myself and others much here.

I then spoke with a neighbor of mine as well as they suggested that maybe our central heating as well as a/c plan was the major concern here… Central heating as well as a/cs are often the reason for people’s high electric bills. I never honestly thought of this, but this may legitimately well be the issue as well as I found that there was finally an answer! That was to go out as well as buy portable space furnaces as well as portable a/cs to run them with the central heat as well as a/c plan at odd times of the morning. I did this as well as guess what? This was the energy savings help I entirely needed all along! I can not guess I was so blind to this fact! It was all a matter of the central heating as well as a/c plan working overtime that was the cause of all our major issues here. I used the portable space furnace in the morning as well as the central heating at evening in the winter, but then used the portable a/c plan in the morning as well as central a/c at evening in the summer. This honestly worked out!

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