Party leads to overuse of air conditioner

Last July, our husband and I decided to host a celebration for our friends, family and neighbors.

We spent nearly a week planning the event.

We spent endless minutes laboring on our grasss and gardens and making sure everything was perfect. We rented a tent, tables and chairs to provide plenty of shade and seating outside. We bought tons of drink options and cooked a ton of food, however although the two of us expected everyone to remain outside the majority of the time, the two of us also thoroughly cleaned the house. Due to all of the cooking, the inside section felt a bit overheated and sticky, and so I lowered the thermostat setting just a bit. As a guest started to arrive, the two of us directed everyone to the seating areas under the tent, on the patio and beside the swimming pool. The day was drastically tepid and humid with a temperature of 86 degrees and no breeze whatsoever, unblessedly, our guests kept congregating inside the house. Every time people went in or out and opened the door, they allowed the heat in and our air conditioned air to escape Several times, I found the sliding glass doors to the patio standing wide open. The air conditioner was running non stop. I finally raised the thermostat setting high enough to avoid the cooling plan starting up at all. The house hastily became uncomfortably warm. When I heard the air conditioner start back up, I knew that someone had taken it upon themselves to adjust our thermostat. I spent the entire celebration trying to keep the doors shut and the air conditioner from laboring so hard, however our electric bill for that week was astronomical.



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