At a loss for ideas

I have been having a major issue keeping my electric bills down.

It seems that no matter what I do or learn up on, I just can not get the bills down low enough! I have tried going for energy savings help from strange websites across the internet plus I even clicked several dangerous clickable live attachs bouncing from website to website to try to find the answer to my energy savings help problems, however no energy savings tips were helping me much here.

I then spoke with a neighbor of mine plus they recommended that maybe my central heating plus air conditioner method was the major problem here, central heating plus s are often the reason for people’s high electric bills. I never actually thought of this, but this may actually well be the issue plus I found that there was finally an answer! That was to go out plus buy portable space oil heating systems plus portable s to run them with the central heat plus cooling system method at strange times of the afternoon. I did this plus guess what? This was the energy savings help I actually needed all along! I can not guess I was so blind to this fact! It was all a matter of the central heating plus air conditioner method working overtime that was the cause of all my major complications here. I used the portable space heating system in the afternoon plus the central heating at evening in the winter! Then used the portable air conditioner method in the afternoon plus central air conditioner at evening in the summer. This actually worked out!

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