An odd request from a customer

I have been working professionally as an artist since my early twenties.

My speciality is painting, oil painting to be specific and I find joy in painting peoples portraits.

This is the most common request I get, however just last week I got a very strange request from a customer. He didn’t want just a picture of himself with his HVAC unit. Most people, if it is a group photo want something like them and a pet, or them and a family member, but this guy wanted me to paint and recreate a photo of him hugging his heating and cooling system. He explained to me all the details he wanted in the picture, and he even had his HVAC system removed so that it could be brought inside and I could paint from life. He hugged it just like in the picture and told me to make sure I got all the pretty angles of the air conditioner and while he posed for the picture he started telling me stories about his heater and how faithful it was to him, and how good it was at keeping him warm. I listened for a while but he lost me when he told me about how he dressed up his HVAC unit for halloween to scare away the kids that were out trick or treating. I was very much weirded out but did finish the painting for him. It was an unusual day, one I will not forget anytime soon. Don’t get me wrong, HVAC technology is great and all but this guy was just strange.

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