The stereotypical image of a medieval dungeon is that of a dark foreboding place with prisoners shackled to the walls.

That image might include a leather masked torturer the size of a typical NFL offensive lineman administering acceptable “techniques” of the era to extract confessions from the unfortunate occupants. Early dungeons were placed at the tops of castles as the most secure area of the building but eventually made their way to the dark and dank regions underground. When someone claims that their home is their castle, it usually means that they “rule” the approximately 2,000 square foot space average of a typical three-bedroom house. They pay a mortgage every month and usually have a central HVAC system to provide year-round comfort for their domain. Some houses are multi-story with an attic and others have basements. These areas can turn into dungeon-like places without a properly functioning HVAC system. The attic can become blistering hot on a summer day due to the warm air rising in the house. The story is much worse for the basement as cooler but still humid air enters the space and that extra moisture condenses on the walls, floors, and anyplace else making it a welcome environment for molds and mildews and critters seeking that type of climate. There is no rack or Judas Cradle to inflict any physical torture but people in the house will certainly feel the “pain” of allergies and odors that can make a house barely livable. If you find that your house is becoming like a dungeon, make a call to a qualified HVAC company to design a system that will handle basement humidity issues and even give you the option to convert your attic space to a usable office or spare bedroom.

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