Lawyers and HVAC

Legal dramas like Perry Mason of the 1950s and 1960s to the recent series “Suits” are some of the most entertaining shows around.

Every character is dressed in top of the line fashions and except for Louis Litt in Suits, they are all very attractive people. TV lawyers may resort to some shady activities but in the end, their objective of getting an innocent person cleared or bringing down a corrupt corporate executive is realized. In real life, people rarely need lawyers but when they do, they need to know what to look for to avoid a bad lawyer. Does your prospective lawyer keep the lines of communication open? Does he or she seem enthusiastic about your case or are you just an afterthought to more lucrative cases? Do the lawyer’s fees seem unreasonable? Most importantly, do they engage in unethical or illegal behavior? These same questions apply when shopping for a qualified HVAC company. A good HVAC tech is just as important as a skilled divorce lawyer when you are replacing your HVAC system. The older HVAC system has no legal recourse like a soon to be ex-wife and it does not care about being replaced by a “newer model”, but it still needs to be removed and the new unit installed properly for you to enjoy a quiet obedient HVAC system with smart controls. Also, think of an HVAC cleaning and maintenance contract as the equivalent of a lawyer’s retainer. If you get thrown in jail after a wild night on the town with your young girlfriend, the lawyer will come to bail you out. Similarly, the HVAC tech will rescue you if your HVAC system stops working in the middle of winter or on a hot July afternoon.

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