Life in the north

Living in the deep north is quite different from living anywhere else in the country.

Life in the north in terms of the climate is either cold or cool most of the time.

It is probably one of the only places where you have to run your central heating at some point almost all year round. In the months of July and August are about the only times that I do not find myself needing to run the central heating system. In the day sometimes central air conditioning is needed. But at night the temperatures are so perfect you can just simply open up a window and be ok. The electric bills here in the north can get quite high from having to run the central heating system all of the time. It really can be a major drag to tell you the honest truth. But we deal with it because it is better than having to run air conditioning all of the time like it is in the south. I really prefer to be cold than overly hot. That is just my personal preference. But because of the need for the central heating system all the time, we always have to have bi monthly HVAC tune ups and check ups from the local heating and air conditioning company. This is just the way it is if you want to ensure your central heating system is working to its best possible ability and does not break down when it is below zero outside. That could mean major problems for you and your family if that happened!


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