Pay attention to the HVAC and it will pay you back

I have the really annoying habit of just completely zoning out of any sort of conversation that just doesn’t interest me.

I do my best to make the gestures I need to make to the other person.

But, my mind is just no longer engaged at all. However, if it’s something like a surfboard or something, I am completely tuned in for the duration. I will sit inside the HVAC comfort of my home and listen to that subject as long as I can. Mechanical stuff I notice and pay attention to as well. Like I pay attention to the HVAC because it’s part of my house and an important part as well. Recently, that attention to the HVAC payed off big time. I noticed that the condenser unit was acting really weird. I had been weeding the flower beds when I noticed this. There was almost a shimmy to the HVAC condenser cabinet. It wasn’t like a violent shake. Actually, it was almost imperceptible. So I walked over to it for a more focused inspection. That was all it took. I knew for sure that there was an unusual vibration going on inside the HVAC. Knowing how vibrations which are unexpected can really do a number on any sort of machine, I picked up the phone. The HVAC people came out that afternoon. Fortunately, by paying attention to the HVAC, I saved a ton of money. The vibration would have only gotten worse and could have caused catastrophic damage to our HVAC. Thankfully, I caught it in time and the repair was nominal in nature.

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